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Our Team at Rupas Consultancy and the Founder of Rupas Consultancy together have more than 10 years of experience of successfully completing different types IT projects. These projects comprised of services including designing, testing a software/information technology management system, deployment of IT infrastructure, animations, hardware sales, support and troubleshooting and networking services. These IT services can be divided into more than 200 categories. Rupas Consultancy is focusing on emerging as a direct service provider utilizing it vast and diversified experience of more than 8 years. Rupas Consultancy has a robust framework to engage experts from every walk of IT services. To establish itself as one of the premier software firms on the earth, Rupas Consultancy is supporting startups by offering required IT infrastructure for innovative ideas.

RUPAS CONSULTANCY offers development and coding services for Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Social Media Apps, Desktop Apps, CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Components, Modules, Plugins, Payment Gateways using IT technologies like Angular, React, PHP, Javascript, Nodejs, C++ etcetera. RUPAS CONSULTANCY also offers services such as Search Engine Optimization, Digital & Social Media Marketing, ECommerce Solutions, Animated Movies including Short & Full Length, and Consultation for Software & IT Infrastructure.


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ANCIENT INDIAN TECHNOLOGIES have been adopted and accepted by the whole world with open heart in modern world. YOGA is one such ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY and it has become an INTEGRAL part of life of people [coming from every walk of life, be it student or professionals, businessmen, sports stars, celebrities etcetera]. Everyone across the globe have been benefitted from YOGA.

The founders at GRAHA STHITI has been working on ANCIENT INDIAN TECHNOLOGIES for the last 8 years. GRAHA STHITI has been working on the TECHNOLOGIES which work as basis for some POPULAR TECHNOLOGIES such as YOGA. GRAHA STHITI has acquired expertise in addressing different PARAMETERS / ENTITIES responsible to affect various EQUATION OF ENGAGEMENT OR PARTICIPATION and its RULES.

The FOUNDER's TEAM [prior to forming RUPAS CONSULTANCY] has been working on translating every service into unique IT Frameworks powered by sets of underlying, unique, and ever-evolving AI Frameworks. The OBJECTIVE for developing IT Frameworks [for different OBJECTS like any natural form or man-created systems] is to establish the grounds for comprising basic elements [IKAIes] and the list of  IKAIes [ENTITies]. These Frameworks also establish the evolution of EQUATION OF PARTICIPATION [representing various OBJECTIVES / WORKS / ACTIONS / REACTION / ETCETERA] within the OBJECT [IKAI] and among the OBJECTS with respect to the PRIMARY OBJECT [IKAI].

RUPAS CONSULTANCY [in collaboration with GRAHA STHITI] has designed & developed products to ENHANCE PERFORMANCE of an INDIVIDUAL [as STUDENT, FRESHER, ASPIRING-PROFESSIONAL, ASPIRING-PRIVATE-PRACTITIONER, ASPIRING-BUSINESSMAN, ASPIRING-ENTREPRENEUR, PROFESSIONALS, PRIVATE-PRACTITIONERS, BUSINESSMEN, SENIOR MANAGERS / MANAGEMENTS, CEOs, SPORTS STARS, SPORTS TEAMS, CELEBRITIES, YOUTUBERS etcetera] to deliver the best possible performance. There are other products for a group of people [formed with specific objectives] such as SPORTS TEAMS, PROJECTS, BUSINESSES etcetera.RUPAS CONSULTANCY has developed these PROUCTS for INDIVIDUALS who aspire to reach to the pinnacle of success & leadership position with a well understood & naturally defined pattern. This pattern has ability to accomodate changes & develop in the line of NATURAL COURSE of every component or set of component representing anything and/or everything.

Our RANGE OF PRODUCTS include products offer UNIQUE, FLEXIBE, CUSTOMISED and COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION for Project Management, Profession, Professionals, Business, Private Practitioners, Celebrities, Sports Star, Sports Team, Successful Youtuber, Career, Interview, Student, Customized Yoga, Workshop, Weight Management, Performance Tune-Up, Life Style Management, Event Managment, Interior Design etcetera.


With the primary objective of developing software and technological solutions, Rupas Consultancy aspires to become one of the top & strongest organization in the world by the end of the decade. In order to reach to its goals, Rupas Consultancy has taken a few initiatives. The important highlights of these initiatives include the following points.

  • To provide IT Solutions in the technologies which are popular for decades.
  • To prodvie IT Solutions in the technologies which has evolved in recent years.
  • To develop IT Solutions for AI requirements to address the needs of every walk of life.
  • To invent new technologies for the better representation of ever evolving IT sector.
  • To invent new Society-Freindly Social Media Platfoms for people across the globe to engage on daily basis.
  • To invent new Economy-Oriented Platfoms for different types of businesses to engage across the globe for the best possible economic engagements, revenue & profit.
  • To invent new Profession-Oriented Platfoms for the PROFESSIONALs from different PROFESSIONAL backgrounds to engage across the globe for the best possible growth on personal, professional & economic fronts.
  • To develop different platforms/frameworks to translate daily life jobs, services and requirements into into unique IT Frameworks powered by sets of underlying, unique, and ever-evolving AI Frameworks. These platforms/frameworks can be offered as SaaS and PaaS to clients/customers.
  • Rupas Consultancy offers to develop software & IT infrastructure for the clients.
  • Rupas Consultancy is developing IT infrastructure for service providers to sell their products on its platform.
  • Rupas Consultancy intends to offer skilled team, arrange financial backing and resources to startups.
  • Rupas Consultancy is undertaking a list of projects. These projects are defined as ever evolving set of independent set of softwares. These projects are conceived, structured and designed to start generating revenue in 12 to 18 months period. Rupas Consultancy gradually plans to float these projects as separate IT technology divisions.


The Roadmap 2028 includes the development of AI-powered platforms to facilitate the development and maintenance of software and IT products. These platforms also include an expert engagement platform to intelligently manage skilled man-hours. Rupas Consultancy aspires to become one of the major and strongest IT players in the world. A five-year plan has been charted out to accomplish certain goals by the end of the financial year 2028. The five-year plan has the following components.

  • IT products to drive revenue
  • Acquire clients for different types of traditional and evolving IT projects
  • Research & Development Projects
  • Services via SaaS & PaaS.
  • Projects for on job training
  • Facilitating higher education in top-rated universities for deserving student
  • Offering online professional courses, and language courses.